Our eco-house

We believe that our planet is only on loan from our children and as such have decided to take care of it. We have recently directed our business towards more responsible tourism.
Since 2009 we have been the first hotel in the Haute Savoie to exclusively use sustainable energy : 15m² of solar panels for the hot water and a wood boiler for central heating. We have since saved producing 80 tons of CO² into the atmosphere. This was the logical continuation of our efforts over many years :
Installation of a circulator hot water pump and a temperature regulator to save water and also double flow flushes.
Installation of circuit breakers in all the renovated roomsand light sensors.
Composting of green waste.
Recycling of a maximum of waste.
Rainwater collection system (3 tanks of 1000L).
Only100% biodegradable cleaning products.
Organic wine and food products, also purchase local produce where possible.
100% biodegrable disposable cutlery for picnic lunches…

Thanks to these measures, our clients are directly participating in the preservation of our planet and encouraging us to continue to do so.